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**Fresh Halibut**

Halibut Sushi or Sashimi  $5/$6.5

Halibut Tataki $7.5

Lightly seared halibut over shredded rutabaga, beets, and cucumbers with ponzu

Spicy Salmon Hand roll $8.5

Spicy salmon, with avocado, cucumber, fried Salmon skin & wasabi vinaigrette

Double Scallop Roll $12.5

Fried smoked scallops, cucumber, and avocado inside, topped with smoked scallop chop chop and wasabi vinaigrette


Red Fish Tako Plate $14/$18 OR SINGLES $4.50

On soft corn tortilla with tomato, green chile, cilantro, mayo, & avocado crema’

Steak & Black Bean Tako $5 each

Steak & black beans with bell peppers & onions, served with lettuce, cheese & cilantro

Halibut Fish Dinner $13.50/$17.50

Pan seared or Blackened Halibut fish dinner served with small salad, veggies rice & beans

Panko Fried Halibut Sandwich $12/$15

Served on brioche bun with crispy romaine lettuce, fresh sliced tomatoes, green chile cilantro mayo, jalapeno relish and avocado crema with a side of French fries