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Sake Toro Sushi $6 Sashimi $7.5

Cut from the fatty meat around the salmon belly. Topped with jalapeno, salmon roe, and cilantro. Drizzled with soy vinaigrette

Sweet Potato Roll $8 

Tempura Sweet Potato, cream cheese and cucumber inside topped with avocado, Takosushi sauce and teriyaki glaze 

Yellowtail & Jalapeno Ceviche $8.5 

Fresh sliced Hamachi served with sliced jalapeno, cilantro and Yuzu sauce 

Asheville Roll $11 

Spicy Yellow Tail, avocado & scallion inside topped with spicy chop chop scallops, freshly sliced jalapeno, red tobiko & wasabi vinaigrette

Oyster Roll $12.5

Tempura Oyster, and cucumber inside, topped with Snow crab leg and red masago. Doused with wasabi vinaigrette 

Tuna Tower $12.5

Layer of rice, spicy tuna, red onion, scallions, topped with sesame oil, poke sauce, avocado and red tobiko (upgrade to Yellow Fin for $1.5)

Unagi Don $13 

Baked Eel served over warm sushi rice, topped with sesame seeds and green onion 

Yellow Fin Blossom $10 

Yellow Fin Tuna Sashimi, beautifully cut and fashioned into a sashimi rose with rutabaga and nori salad



Sierra Nevada Brewery (CA/NC) Otra Vez $4 - Tart style Gose: mild sweetness of gave rounds out the tangy zip of citrus 

(4.9% abv)

French Broad Brewery (NC) Gateway Kolsch $4.25 - Golden in color, refreshing crispness and pleasantly sweet malt finish (5.3% abv)

Lonerider Brewery (NC) Sweet Josie Brown $4.5 - Complex yet deliciously drinkable: chocolate, hop bitterness 

and aromatic malt (6% abv)

Sweet Water Brewery (GA) 420 Extra Pale Ale $4.5 - Tasty West Coast style pale ale brewed with Centennial and Cascade hops 

(16 oz @ 5.7%abv)

Highland Brewery (NC) Gaelic Amber Ale $4.5 - North Carolina's go-to amber ale (5.5% abv)

Mother Earth Brewery (NC) Berliner Weisse $4.5 - Bright. Tart. Sour. Fruity. Refreshing & Crushable (5.2%abv)

Bell's Brewery (MI) Two Hearted Ale $5 - Bursting with hop aromas ranging from pine to grapefruit and a balanced and malty backbone. We are happy to house this APA staple (7% abv)

Sierra Nevada Brewery (CA/NC) Pale Ale $4.75 - Fragrant bouget and spicy flavor are a result of the generous result of Cascade hops 

(5.6% abv)

Catawba Brewery (NC) Evening Joe Coffee Blonde $4.75 - 2 of the world's favorite beverage's unite in this soul-satisfying, golden-colored coffee beer - blended with cold brewed Arabica and vanilla (5.7% abv)

Noble Cidery (NC) Hibiscus Lime Spritzer $4 - Fresh pressed local apples, organic lime peel and lemongrass + hibiscus light and so so refreshing (4% abv)


Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet DIPA $2

Lo Li Brewery (SC) Mexican Lager $4 - Mexican style lager pours slightly sweet with a faint hint of apple (5.5% abv)

Foothill's Brewery (NC) Torch Pilsner $4.5 - Medium bodied beer that emphasizes malt complexity with layered caramel malt flavors (5.5% abv)

Highland Brewery (NC) Oatmeal Porter $4.5 - Robust and dark in color, very malty with hints of chocolate roasted flavor & well-balanced hop character (5.9% abv)

Catawba Brewery (NC) White Zombie $4.75 - Belgian witbier stylized with coriander and orange peel (5% abv)

Bold Rock Cider (NC) Carolina Apple $5 - Crisp and refreshing: expertly crafted with NC apples and champagne yeast. This cider is lively and dances on the tongue (4.7% abv)

Sierra Nevada Brewery (CA/NC) Hazy Little Thing IPA $4.75 - Unfiltered, unprocessed IPA and straight from the tanks (6.7% abv)

Appalachian Brewery (NC) Spoaty Oaty $5 - Smooth take on the American classic pale ale. It is brewed with a heavy nose of oats, that makes for a creamy mouthfeel, balanced by a unique hop forward flavor and aroma (5.4% abv)

Wicked Weed Brewery (NC) Freak Of Nature DIPA $6.5 - Big pine, grapefruit peel, DANK hop aroma (8.5% abv)

Komedake Pure Grain Sake Deuce $8 / Double Deuce $14.5