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Green Chile Seafood Chowder $5

Chicken, Sausage, Chickpea and Veggie Stew $5

Smoked Fried Double Chicken Wings 2 for $2.5

Topped with Tako Sauce, Teriyaki and Sriracha OR try them dry!


Fresh Halibut OR Yellow Fin 

Sushi $7.5      Sashimi $9.5     Tataki $13

UNI -  Sushi / Shooter $7.5 each

Spicy Salmon or Yellow Fin Hand Roll $9

Spicy salmon or yellow fin, avocado, cucumber, fried salmon skin & wasabi vinaigrette

Belly Roll $11

Smoked salmon belly & cucumber, topped with crab chop chop, wasabi vinaigrette & jalapeños 

Tik Tok Roll $13.5

Crab chop chop and tempura fried shrimp inside, topped with fresh yellow fin tuna, avocado, sea bacon, and sriracha 

Halibut Roll $13.5

Spicy yellow fin tuna and cucumber inside, topped with Halibut tataki, avocado, jalapeños & wasabi vinaigrette 


**Fresh Cod from Foley Seafood in Boston**

Fried Cod Takos $14/$18

Lightly fried on soft corn tortilla with broccoli slaw, avocado, tomato, & green chile cilantro mayo

Batter Fried Fish and Chips $15/$18

Lightly fried New England Blue Cod served with deep fried zucchini, yellow squash, and sweet potato chips

Smoked Chicken Takos $14/$18

Smoked and lightly fried chicken thigh, with lettuce, tomato, topped with avocado creme and served on a soft corn tortilla