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$8 Half Dozen 

$15 Dozen 

$1.5 Each 

$1.75 Oyster Rockefeller 

$3.5 Sushi (Fried - 2 piece)


Upgrade Any Roll to Yellowfin for $1

Yellowfin Sushi/Sashimi $6/$7.5

Spicy Yellowfin Handroll $8.5

Spicy yellowfin with avocado and cucumber served with a side of wasabi vinaigrette

Belly Roll $11

Smoked salmon belly with avocado and cucumber inside, topped with crab chop chop and wasabi vinaigrette 

Jim Jim Roll $13 

Spicy tuna inside topped with avocado and crab chop chop, with wasabi vinaigrette

Hawaiian Volcano $13

Spicy yellow fin and cucumber inside, topped with fresh yellow fin and avocado with wasabi vinaigrette


Sweet Saltwater Kauai Shrimp $6.5

A delicious Hawaiian treat! Served with the body raw and the head fried crispy, with cucumber and nori salad

Ask your server about our soup of the day!


Plate $14/$18 or Singles $4

Smoked Chicken Tako or Smoked Scallop Tako 

Served on corn tortilla with lettuce, tomato, red onion, cilantro and topped with avocado crema'


Try our new Cutwater Cocktails for $5

"Wake Me Up" Cocktail $5

Cutwater Cold Brew Cocktail & Creamer, FUGU Cutwater Horchata Vodka Floater $1

Fugu Spicy Bloody Mary $5

Cutwater Spicy Bloody Mary, Habanero Vodka Floater $1


G.H. Mumm $55

A beautiful pink coral color and fresh, vivid aromas of black cherries, red berries, and citrus introduces soft red fruit flavors

 '16 Arnot-Roberts Chardonnay Watson Ranch, CA $15/$55

This 2016 Chardonnay Watson Ranch from a boutique winery in Napa is powerful and ample, but also has quite a bit of aromatic freshness to play off the richness of the yellow orchard fruit. This is an especially savory, mineral-driven style of Chardonnay with phenomenal balance.


Terrapin “Moo Hoo” $5

  Chocolate Milk Stout

 Savannah River Coffee Brown Ale $5

A brown ale infused with Nicaraguan Selva beans from Buona Caffe* Brewed In Augusta!

 Highland Brewing Gaelic Amber $5

Asheville’s first beer with malty sweetness and delicately hopped

 Highland Brewing Starchaser White $5

Grapefruit peel, ginger and coriander add a Summer glow to this deftly layered white ale

Highland Brewing Starchaser White $5

Grapefruit peel; ginger and coriander add a summer glow to this deftly layered white ale

Original Sin Cider Dry Rose $5

A cider made of freshly pressed New York apples. Original Sin Dry Rosé features a beautiful light pink color with a delicate nose, refreshing acidity and a smooth semi-dry finish

Strawberry Letter 23 Tart IPA  $5

Sour IPA with fresh strawberries and just enough hop bite and strawberry sweetness shine through its tart undertones


Orange and Red Berry Sangria $8

The Hot Tamale $8 

Cutwater Habanero Vodka, cilantro vodka, muddled cucumber & jalapeños 

The Luna Rojo Manhattan $8 

Whiskey, red wine, & simple syrup